Cape Coral Weather

Enjoy your days in Cape Coral with the warm & sunny weather in your backyard, pool or the beach! With January daytime weather being near 75 degrees to the hot August weather being near 95 degrees, on average Southwest Florida typically only has around 10 days that tend to be not sunny.  

The average amount of rain throughout the year in the Cape Coral area is around 53 inches.  On average, the amount of precipitation throughout the year that the Southwest Florida area gets is only 108 days. But with that rain, comes the beautiful sunny and hot days.  

The Cape Coral climate is known as Subtropical. This means that the area tends to have moderate, dry winters but hot, humid and rainy summers.   

Here is a list of the average temperature, including the highs and the lows, and amount of rainfall for each month in the Cape Coral area. 


Average Temperature 

Average Rainfall 


74 F High – 53 F Low 

1.84 inches 


75 F High – 53 F Low  

2.23 inches 


80 F High – 58 F Low  

3.07 inches 


85 F High – 62 F Low 

1.06 inches 


89 F High – 68 F Low 

3.87 inches 


91 F High – 73 F Low 

9.52 inches 


91 F High – 75 F Low 

8.26 inches 


91 F High – 75 F Low 

9.66 inches 


90 F High – 74 F Low 

7.82 inches 


86 F High – 69 F Low 

2.94 inches 


80 F High – 61 F Low 

1.57 inches 


76 F High – 55 F Low 

1.53 inches  


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