Increase Your Zillow Zestimate With This Easy Tip

Have you checked your Zillow Zestimate lately? Are you curious about how they get your home value? I have it all for you right here today.

I've got to tell you, I actually love Zillow. I think that they provide a ton of value to consumers in our marketplace and I think they're fantastic. But there's one thing that I feel that they are slacking on, which are these Zestimates. If you've ever checked your home's Zestimate, you may be feeling a little confused on why their number is so off. But I have to tell you what they do is just paint with such a broad brush. And what I mean by that is they're just taking all of the comparable sales in the area and taking the average and they don't know the finishes or condition or sometimes even the size of your home. They don't have all of that information. Especially if you haven't updated your Zillow page.

So they're just taking all of this generalized information and they're not able to provide you with the accurate information. Only a real estate professional with all of that data of the comparable sales and listings are going to know what your home's true value is.

Now, why is your Zestimate important to you? Buyers in our market are looking at Zestimates. It comes up all the time because buyers are doing a ton of research now. They have access to almost everything from their computer. So they're looking at the Zestimates wondering why is it so far off from the listings that they're looking at? And sellers, I know I sit down with them all the time, and they're asking me why is my Zestimate so off from what my home is worth? And the honest answer is because Zillow is not good at estimating, right? It's just a computer. They don't know our local market. So I have a tip for you today on how to possibly increase your Zestimate super easy.

All you have to do is go on to Zillow, go type in your home address, claim this home, and then go into the owner view and add every single piece of descriptive information you possibly can. So check all the boxes, fill in all the blanks, and according to the Zillow team, that is going to help your Zestimate because the more information that they have, the better your Zestimate will be.

So I hope that works for you, that it's effective. If you're Zillow Zestimate goes up, I would love for you to contact and let me know. And one last thing, Zillow has just come out and said that they are going to use artificial intelligence to help their estimates be more accurate because even they know that your Zestimate isn't accurate. So what they're going to do is take the photos of your home and they're going to look at the size of the windows, the natural light, and the floor plan, and they're going to use that to help determine what they believe your home is worth.

Now, I'm not so convinced yet, still a skeptic on that. But it'll be interesting to see exactly what happens. So if you have any other questions about how Zillow works or your Zestimate, I was love to answer them for you. Go ahead and click the link below to get more information. Thanks.

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