Preparing for Hurricanes

Hurricane season in the Southwest Florida area is between June 1st and November 30th. With that, there are things that residents need to do in order to prepare for if a Hurricane occurs.  Here are some things that you should plan & prepare for in advance, instead of waiting last minute.  

 Know your Surroundings 

Are you in storm surge zone? If so, make sure you plan an evacuation route with several options available. Are you in a flood zone? With that you must also think about if you have flood insurance, or that your house has the right credentials in order to prevent a flooding. Do you have storm shutters? Storm shutters not only protects your entries such as windows and doors, but also helps prevent flood damage and internal damage to the home.  


In order to prepare for a storm, you need to secure items in and around your home before the tropical storm force winds arrive. Make sure you also know also create a plan or even a phone call to your family members, so you know where to leave. Let others know your evacuation plan so that others know what you will do during the time of evacuating for the storm.  

 Emergency Supply Kit  

Add a few pieces to your supply kit every week or when you can. Some of the items that are most necessary include drinking water, lighter, cooler for food storage, radio, first aid kit and so much more. Also keep in mind of the perishable items. Those may need to be replaced every so often.  Visit Lee County’s Website with additional information on an Emergency Supply Kit or more information on preparing for the storm.

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