Red Tide Update

As of June 26, 2019, the current status reports that there have been no red tide conditions along our shoreline. So, what does this mean? As of right now we are in the clear of having no worries when being near the water along the beaches. What is red tide? Red tide is a type of algae that is present throughout the year in the Gulf of Mexico that when the conditions are right, the organism can grow producing a toxin that can affect not only the central nervous system of fish and wildlife, but also the human population and their respiratory systems and their central nervous system.  

Red tide when it blooms can last from days, to weeks or even months. Wind conditions as well can affect the way the algae move towards the shore. Now can you swim in the red tide. Yes, but at your own risk. The algae may cause a skin irritation or even burning to the eyes.  Breathing in the toxins from the red tide can affect your respiratory system too. Coughing, sneezing and teary eyes are the primary symptoms, but for those that deal with chronic respiratory problems, should avoid all red tide areas. When it comes down to your furry friends, if they end up swimming in the algae infected waters make sure to rinse them as soon as possible.  

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