Why to Retire in Cape Coral?

Looking for a place to retire, well check out the City of Cape Coral in Southwest Florida. Cape Coral recently was named, “One of the Best Places to Retire” by Forbes Magazine. The growth of the city has continued for years with the Cape having over more than 400 canals and several outstanding golf courses. This is the perfect destination for those out there that are looking to retire and enjoy the luxury of having the Caloosahatchee River possibly in your backyard and with the Gulf of Mexico only miles away.  The area is broad enough where you have easy access to all areas of Southwest Florida, but also an atmosphere that gives you the Florida lifestyle where you can feel at home, relaxed and to enjoy a quiet environment.   

The City of Cape Coral has a lot to offer to the people since it is one of the largest cities in Florida geographically. With high-end dining, to casual dining it offers you great satisfaction from Seafood, Contemporary and American Cuisine.  Most of all, you will enjoy the warm and sunny climate that Southwest Florida has to offer almost most of the year. Or those that choose to stay busy and enjoy the outdoors, you can enjoy fishing, boating or even the outdoor environment with the water only being miles away.   

Living in the State of Florida itself with it having a low cost of living allows you to have great opportunities with enjoying your years of retirement. The state has no income tax, estate tax, inheritance tax, or intangible property tax. As well, your social security and retirement income tax will not be taxed as well. With sales taxes being in the range of 6-7.5%, gives you the ability to enjoy your years of retirement.  When looking for a home as well, the market is a lot more convincible with the median home value being around $227,300 in 2019, according to Zillow.com.  

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